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Product Details

  • Product Description

    RUST-X Spot Lifter Spray is a unique cleaning aid that removes oil and grease spots and stains from several type of fabrics and clothing. Spot Lifter Spray is a quick and easy-to-use spot remover that is guaranteed to leave no stains or rings.


    • It works well on cotton, wool, silk, denim, corduroy, nylon etc.
    • It is used for removing stains from shirts, neck ties, trousers, uniforms, woven garments, upholstery, curtains, carpets etc.
  • Application Method

    •Check on small area of the part before using acceptability. A translucent white wet patch will form on the desired area.
    • Allow to dry completely to a layer of snow white powder. •
    • After drying completely, remove the dry, white powder with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. •
    • If no adverse change is noticed on the test area, the process may be repeated on the spot where cleaning is desired. •
    • Repeat the process if necessary.

    Direction of usage and storage

    • Shake can well before use
    • Spray from a distance of 15-30 cm
    • For best results apply thin even film
    • Use in well ventilated condition
    • Replace the cap after use]
  • Features

    • • Fast evaporating, cold cleaning, solvent based cleaners which dissolve several types of • soft waxes, glues, grease, lubricant oils, dirt, grime, carbon, silicones, tar etc. •
    • Safe to use on most fabrics, subject to thorough color fastness checks. •
    • Double cleaning action based on solvency and pressure. •
    • Not likely to leave any stain or rings, subject to prior tests.
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    RUST-X Sprays Technical Datasheet

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