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Product Details

  • Product Description

    Rust-x Anti Spatter Spray is a non-silicone, non-flammable release preparation which prevents adhesion of spatter on welding tools and parts. It is also a nozzle maintenance aid, which prevents accumulation of spatter on nozzles and tips of welding torches. Such build up of spatter can lead to poor gas coverage and result in poor welds. Anti Spatter Spray is an anti-adhesion safety product for use when using arc-welding equipment. Prevents projections sticking on to all treated surfaces. Suitable for protecting nozzles, weld units and tools intended for arc-welding processes. Free of silicone, this product enables welding work to be carried out on parts designed to be painted.

    Area of Application

    • Formulated for easy removal of weld spatter from metal surfaces, nozzles, jigs & fixtures.
    • Suitable on steel, stainless steel, aluminum and some alloys
    • Recommended for use on resistance welding tips, Mig and Tig tips, weldments, electrode holders, contact tips, tools, metal molds and bench top splash guard
  • Method of use

    • Apply a thin, even film on the surfaces to be welded
    • Spray into the welding nozzle before starting and re-apply as required.
    • Let dry for 10 seconds.
    • Use a wire brush or cloth to remove weld spatter.

    Direction for use

    •Shake can well before use
    •Spray from a distance of 15-30 cm
    •For best results apply thin even film
    •Use in well ventilated condition
    •Check on small area of the part before using
    •Store in a cool and dry place, below 50°C.
    •Keep away from sources of heat and ignition.
    •Replace the cap after use.
  • Features

    •Anti-adhesion product for arc welding; prevents the adhesion of projections on all treated surfaces
    •Suitable for protecting nozzles, weld units and tools
    •Silicone free; ideal for parts which are designed to be painted
    •Very fast drying and non-flammable
    •Will not interfere with weld formation
    •Water washable
    •Avoids problems caused to poor gas coverage such as pitting, porosity and burn backs.
    • Prevents loss of time on chiseling and grinding activities on welded articles and substrates.
    • Free from silicones hence allows posterior painting of welded articles.
    •Easy removal of welding spatter
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    RUST-X Sprays Technical Datasheet

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