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Product Details

  • Product Description

    RUST-X Electrical & Electronic Contact Cleaner is a pressurized aerosol spray cleaner for cleaning, maintaining and servicing electrical and electronic components, switches and circuits boards. It does not contain any lubricants. It is composed of a special cleaning fluid exhibiting low surface tension, high solvency, relatively rapid evaporation characteristics and deep penetrating properties. It does not attack metals and common plastics. However, certain delicate plastics and PCB protective coatings may be affected on contact. Being a pressurized, cold cleaning solvent it readily dissolves contaminants such as dust, dirt, oils, greases, waxes, flux, carbon deposit etc and flushes them away.

    Area of Application

    • Cleans and Degreases – Electronic and electrical components such as connectors, contacts, terminals, motors, plugs, jacks, printed circuit boards, potentiometers, sensors, etc. used in:
    •IT equipment – Computers, printers, fax machines, memory cards, server room equipment, etc.
    •Switch boards
    •Sound equipment – PA gear, TV, DVD machines, Home theatre equipment
    •Appliances repair and maintenance – Washing machines, dryers, dish washers, vacuum cleaners, etc.
    •Hospital and health care equipment – Diagnostic imaging equipment, hearing aids, etc.
    •Alarm systems
    •Navigation equipment
    •Laboratory and test equipment
    •Automotive Repair
    •Heavy mining equipment Effectively removes carbon deposits, light oils, dirt, dust, lint, fingerprints, flux, polar soils
  • Method of use

    • Shake can well before use
    •Spray from a distance of 15-30 cm
    •Use in well ventilated condition
    •Attach extension tube to the nozzle.
    •Spray directly on the desired surface.
    •Dirt and grime removal shall take place immediately.
    •For stubborn dirt, use a hard brush to clean and spray again.
    •Blackened surfaces may not be cleaned due to permanent tarnish.

    Direction of usage and storage

    •Do not apply on energized equipment.
    •Switch off electricity and ensure good ventilation.
    •Spray directly on the desired surface.
    •Check on small area of the part before using
    •Though this product is compatible with most plastics and rubbers, it is advisable to test compatibility with plastic surfaces prior application.
    •Allow solvent to completely evaporate and ensure all vapor has been ventilated before energizing the equipment.
    •Store in a cool and dry place, below 50°C.
    •Keep away from sources of heat and ignition.
    •Replace the cap after use
  • Features

    • RUST-X ANTI-SEIZE SPRAY Compound has an excellent static operating temperature resistance of -50°C to +1100°C.
    • Non soap thickener producing non melting anti- seize compound.
    • RUST-X ANTI-SEIZE SPRAY Compound prevents pick- up and seizure of static threaded fasteners.
    • Lubricates, protects and eases dismantling.
    • RUST-X ANTI-SEIZE SPRAY Compound is effective even in the most aggressive environments and is completely
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    RUST-X Sprays Technical Datasheet

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