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Product Details

  • Product Description

    RUST-X Liquid Grease Spray, Grade 7001 is premium white lithium grease in a spray can whereas Grade 7001 is a extremely adhesive, translucent, oily grease in spray can. Both greases are fortified with Polytetrafluoroethane and are designed to reduce friction between load bearing moving metal surfaces and also between metal and plastic surfaces. It is designed to reach inaccessible areas with ease, spray out as an oil but stick to the surface as grease

    Area of Application

    • Industrial & Marine- Machinery, Tools, Hinges, Screws, Material handling and conveying equipments, Chains and sprockets, Gears, Wire ropes & Cables, Winches etc.
    • Automotive- Jacks, Hinges, Latches, Springs, Coils, Brake parts etc.
    • Home- Hinges, Tools, Pump and Fan bearings, Garden equipment, Door channels etc.
  • Method of use

    • Shake can well before use
    • Spray from a distance of 15-30 cm
    • Use in well ventilated condition
    • Attach extension tube to the nozzle.
    • Spray directly on the desired surface.
    • Dirt and grime removal shall take place immediately.

    Direction of usage and storage

    • Spray directly on the desired surface.
    • Check on small area of the part before using
    • Store in a cool and dry place, below 50°C.
    • Keep away from sources of heat and ignition.
    • Replace the cap after use.
  • Features

    • CFC & Chlorinated solvent free.
    • Serviceable temperature ranges from -20 to 180 °C.
    • Excellent for operation conditions of high load & speed.
    • Resists water wash off
    • Reduces friction and wear under shock loads.
    • Protects against rust and corrosion.
    • Eliminates squeaks and notice from moving parts.
    • Aerosol application for ease of use and economy.
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    RUST-X Sprays MSDS

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    RUST-X Sprays Technical Datasheet

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