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Product Details

  • Product Description

    RUST-X Cold Zinc Galvanizing Spray is a Zinc rich, cold galvanizing coating that provides corrosion protection to ferrous metal surfaces. It exhibits long term corrosion protection comparable to hot-dip galvanization and also due to sacrificial an odization. It is also used as a touch up spray for galvanized surfaces damaged due to cutting, drilling and welding.

    Area of Application

    • Used on damaged galvanized surfaces, steel structures, •
    • Cable trays, GI gratings, GI steel pipes and tubes •
    • Telecommunication towers
    • Automobile underbodies and parts •
    • Off shore steel structures •
    • Power plant and sub-station equipment etc •
    • Cold galvanization paint for metal surfaces •
    • Allows depositing of metallic zinc coating which protects against oxidation and corrosion •
    • May constitute a sub-base key for fixing lacquers •
    • Applied as paint onto iron, steel, galvanized sheet iron, woodwork, roof coverings, piping etc
  • Method of use

    • • Apply as a thin film by brushing or wiping onto a clean dry surface. •
    • The storage temperature should be controlled between +1°C and +40°C. •
    • Shelf life is 5 years from date of manufacture. •
    • Do not spray on flame or ignited materials. •
    • Do not spray without shaking the can as the dense zinc powder may clog the valve. •
    • Ensure substrate is free from loose rust, scale, grease, oil, water/ moisture and dirt.

    Direction of usage and storage

    • • Shake can well before use •
    • Spray from a distance of 15-30 cm •
    • For best results apply thin even film •
    • Use in well ventilated condition •
    • Check on small area of the part before using •
    • Replace the cap after use
  • Features

    • Meets requirements of MIL & ASTM standards.
    • Zinc purity >97%
    • Quick dry- Dry to touch in less than 20 minutes.
    • Excellent protection against corrosion.
    • Outstanding weather resistance.
    • Keep away from sources of heat and ignition.
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